what does a perfume say about you

What Your Perfume Says About You

The True Window to Your Soul

They say ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’. True as that may be, the subtle characteristics of a person expressed by his eyes can easily be missed or overlooked. But there is another ‘window to the soul’ which cannot be missed, or overlooked: Fragrance.

Fragrance, or more precisely, perfume, has become an essential part of our daily attire. The silent partner that walks with us throughout the day and becomes an outward expression of our inner character.

Like your clothes, your favorite food, or your most played on Spotify, your choice of fragrance says a lot about the type of person you are.

Besides increasing your chances of getting a girl’s phone number, fragrances can also,


  • Boost your confidence
  • Enhance your mood
  • Make you attractive to people
  • Trigger memories
  • Reduce stress levelsIncrease your alertness




But in this blog, I will be explaining, not how perfume will affect you or your surroundings, but rather, what your perfume says about you.

Depending on the perfume you wear, you can communicate a vast amount of information about you to others, which you can utilize to benefit you in life.

Like a picture says a thousand words about a moment, your fragrance can say a thousand words about your character.

So feel free to read on if you’re interested in knowing what your perfume says about you and how you can utilize it to benefit you on a daily basis.Personality Profiling


Your Story, from the Perfume’s Perspective

According to years of research done by Alan R. Hirsch, MD, founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, there’s interesting data linking your perfume choice to your personality.

He has administered personality tests to more than 18000 people and compared the results to the participants’ aroma and flavor preferences.

According to him, “it’s basically like a Rorschach test using odor preferences”. The perfume-personality pairing has a vast amount of implications because you can understand someone much better if you know what they like.

There are a great many types of perfume, and listed below are some of them, and what they can say about the wearers and their character.



citrus perfumesFragrances based on Citrus are constant members of many men’s fragrance rotations, partly because they emit clean, sharp, and energetic freshness. And also because they have therapeutic benefits and provide a good balance between refreshment and calm.

A study done by Northumbria University has found that the smell of lemon balm can improve both mood and cognitive performance.

Citrus is also a favorite of ladies who prefer femininity with a touch of sass; who have a wild sense of humor and likes to flirt with a hint of charm. In short, being feminine without being too girly and being flirty without being overly romantic.




Fragrances that revolve round food and feature notes like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut etc. fall into the Gourmand category.

These sensuous scents are likely to put a rumble in anyone’s stomach. Vanilla, especially, has been long thought of as a psychogenic aphrodisiac.

People who prefer gourmand fragrances, especially vanilla, tend to be lively and energetic.

One might even say, the life of the party.

They love dancing, drinking, meeting new people, socializing, and prefer a night in town over staying home in the weekends. Cheeky, bubbly and gorgeous girls who don’t take themselves too seriously are drawn to Gourmand fragrances.





Woody fragrancesWoody scents are seen as representing a solid, reliable, and easy-going kind of masculinity, often chosen by, but definitely not limited to, wedded men accompanying their wives.

They also enforce general acceptability among men usually because they’re popular among the males.

These fragrances portray you as an earthy person, who loves the outdoors and the smell of fresh cut grass, pine trees, and the atmosphere after a thunderstorm.

They also project a sense of professional and academic excellence and stability.

Fragrances like sandalwood, especially, emanate a sense of perfection.

Sandalwood fans tend to have high expectations for themselves and others.

These perfumes consist of earthy and natural smells such as sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, agarwood, and patchouli that many men and women have loved for centuries.




floral perfumesIf the scents of jasmine, lily, and gardenia entice and enthrall you, then you’re undoubtedly a floral fan.

Floral fragrances say that you’re an outdoorsy person who is friendly and open.

A person who is down to earth and yet of a carefree nature who is most certainly difficult to displease and quick to smile.

Although mostly women go with floral fragrances, it’s not an uncommon fragrance among men either.

Of all the floral fragrances, most men prefer rose, though they prefer the dark, woody, earthy roses above the powdery, and soft roses because the former reflects drama and strength.


Floral scents like gardenia demonstrate stability, a sense of being someone’s “rock”, always following through on set plans. It states that you’re a team player type of person, and someone who doesn’t pop into another’s life fleetingly, but maintain friendships for decades.



Marine / Aquatic

Aquatic perfumesIf you love aquatic scents with marine and salty notes it means you are often free-spirited, casual and cool, yet elegant and quite intellectual.

Aquatic fragrances which are reminiscent of windswept coastlines and sea spray are the perfect scents for dreamers.

Balanced and nature loving, the people who love aquatic fragrances usually shy away from the urban jungles, and their idea of a perfect holiday is a remote island with a state-of-the-art library.

Aquatic perfume fans tend to be spontaneous, yet at the same time are more than willing to go with the flow. Fit and energetic in nature, they possess an unsurprising love for water!




OrientalThe spicy, warm, and musky notes in the contemporary oriental fragrances differ from their traditional forebears, but still hold the same bold notes.

If you’re inclined to wear perfumes like these, then you’re most likely to be a night owl, naturally bold and unafraid to let your sensuality show.

The oriental fragrance enthusiasts tend to be impulsive, intense, and a bit sensitive, and possess artistic inclinations.

Original and creative, they’re usually leaders of style with an abundance of charm and wit.

In an extreme sense of way, these oriental scents express the character of the wearer in one word: hedonist. An uncompromising pursuer of the pleasures life has to offer.




 fruity perfumes Usually the wearers of fruity perfumes, smelling bold and bright with fragrances like watermelon, passion fruit, and cherries are considered to be optimistic, bouncy, and energetic people who become the heart of the party and who usually don’t have a dull moment in their lives.

But according to the research done by Dr.Hirsch, people who wear fruity perfumes “tend to be more irritable, cranky, and pessimistic”, and also tend to be sarcastic and easily annoyed.

Although how the message delivered by the perfume is interpreted depends on the wearer and the people who experience the fragrance, it would be better to think twice about the occasion and the audience before wearing fruity perfumes.




Sports Scents

Specially created sports fragrances are spicy and uplifting, and designed to be an adrenaline rush in a bottle.

Sports fragrances tend to depict a portrait of an active, aspiring and hardworking character.

They’re usually a blend of citrus notes at the top, something woody or herbal in the middle, and an amber or musk base note.

Sports fragrances can be sophisticated and considered, but they usually synergize better with an athletic physique, so consider that fact also before going for a sports fragrance.




rare perfumes boutiqueThe people who love to wear luxury boutique fragrances are in a certain way similar to people who enjoy drinking boutique ales: they appreciate originality, quirkiness, and a high level of craftsmanship.

A boutique perspective displays personal passion, a concern for detail and craftsmanship, and the person who buys one is aware of what makes it good and wears it with pride.

Simply put, wear a boutique perfume to let people know you’re more of a connoisseur than a general mainstream consumer.




Green PerfumesIf you prefer to be a bit sophisticated and classy, but also have a little drama in your life, then you should probably be going for green fragrances.

Niche green perfume enthusiasts like crisp, ripe, and fresh smells that will have notes of cucumber, basil,  and green tea in the perfumes – providing a distinctive, memorable smell that people will be drawn to time and time again.




Perfumes have become a vital part of our day to day attire and it’s no longer only for the purposes of smelling good throughout the day or smelling good for a certain occasion.

Perfumes have become more personalized like most other things in this rapidly evolving world, becoming a statement of our character and what we want to express to the society.

Understanding which perfumes suit you best and what they say about you, and utilizing them correctly to fit your lifestyle and character, can not only benefit you by helping secure a vast amount of opportunities, but will also help fortify and reinforce your true inner character, thus making the perfume a true window to your soul.

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