the best gift you can get her

The Best Gift You Can Get Her

In this new generation boys who are in a relationship go through a problem of what to gift their girlfriend.


This is somewhat a common struggle which guys go through and even if they come up with a conclusion so many questions arises in their mind and the most common doubt which they get is whether she will like it or not.

Well, in my point of view a perfume will be the best thing to gift her because it’s pretty obvious that every girl likes and uses perfumes.

Perfumes are always a popular gift among everyone but on the flip side of this , you will have to make sure that you pick the perfume which will suite her taste. By picking the correct perfume, is more like you’re indirectly telling her how  much you know about her taste and how much you have understood her.

All the girls aren’t the same. There are some girls who try out different types of perfumes which gives out different types of fragrance. Meanwhile there are girls not on to a perfume. They do not try out any new perfumes.


Some girls may use one perfume as their signature scent. If your girl has a signature scent there will not be much struggle for you to pick a perfume which she’ll like.

You just have to purchase it and gift it to her.

This will make her feel that you actually know her from head to toe.

Talking about girls who use different types of perfumes, the taste of her perfume may differ in many ways.


It may differ by their personality, their profession, their age and so on. You have to know your loved one pretty well for you to her the exact perfume which she will like.

As we know, there are girls who are like Tomboys and then you get some girlie girls, some are into sports and so on. All the girls have different tastes in everything, well in perfumes as well.

Talking about the Tomboy girls, you can pick any perfumes by Adidas and Nike.


These perfumes can be used by girls as well. If you decide to gift a Victoria secrets perfume for your Tomboy girl, well, your pick for will be wrong because she wouldn’t like it and it will not suite her taste.

When it comes to girls who are into sports, they also may like perfumes by Adidas and Nike because most of the sports girls stick on to one single brand.

Adidas and Nike produces everything which a sports person will need.

Most of the sports girls get obsessed with one brand and more often it is either Adidas or Nike. So if your girl has all the sports things by Nike you can consider and get a perfume by Nike.

Since Adidas and Nike’s fragrances are pretty strong, it will last for quite a long time which will be and advantage for a girl who does sports.


To the girls who are all girlie and who has a pleasant taste when it comes to perfume will like to use perfumes by Victoria’s Secret, because Victoria’s Secret perfume gives out the natural fragrance by flower and fruits.

Some girl may like Victoria’s secret because it gives out a very rich fragrance as well.

Victoria’s secret has many different fragrances as well.

Girl who are working will like to use a fragrance which gives out the rich smell which is more than a flower’s and a fruit’s smell.

Victoria’s secret perfumes can be gifted for the girls who like the fragrance of nature as well. Moreover some may like Victoria’s secret for its brand image.


There are some diehard fans of the popular singers and there are some singers who introduces their own perfume to the market. For an example there are perfumes by Nickie Minaj, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and many others.

If your girlfriend is a big fan of Nickie Minaj you can buy Nickie’s Pink Friday perfume.

She’ll obviously like it because she is a fan of Nickie and also the perfume bottle’s appearance also looks exactly like Nickie Minaj which will make her fall in love with your gift over and over again and even if the fragrance is over she will keep the bottle as a memory.


Being someone’s lover you will obviously know who is her favourite artist.

You will have to do a bit of a research about these perfumes and get one of these to impress her.

She’ll be surprised to see and also feel loved because you have spotted out something which she needed and what will love.

Moreover, you can find out who is her role model and get her the perfume which is introduced by her role model or the signature scent of her role model.


Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous role model among the teenagers these days.

The teenagers tend to follow her and be like her as well.

So if your is a follower of Kim Kardashian you can get her the perfume which was introduced by Kim.

Kim Kardashian’s perfume, which is known as KKW bottle comes in a body shaped bottle like her own body. Kim also stated that “ we took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle”.

It’s pretty obvious that your lover one might be knowing about the perfume if she is a follower of Kim Kardashian and you give her the perfume which was introduced by Kim as a gift, well you can imagine the smile and happiness which she will have after unwrapping the gift.


There are some girls who still like Disney thing though they are grown ups. There are so many perfumes which are introduced by the Disney.


If your girl has an obsession over Bella, you can gift her the perfume introduced for all the Bella lovers. So no matter who’s your loved one’s favourite princess is you can still get it purchased because Disney has introduced perfumes for all kinds of princess lovers.


There are some perfumes which are introduced by the famous Tv series. Most of the girls fall in love with Tv series.

You just have to go research to find out whether your loved one’s favorite Tv series has introduced any perfumes and get one of them if they have introduced.

The tv series “ Gossip Girls’’ introduced their own perfume to the market. So for an example if your girl loves the tv series of Gossip Girls you can purchase one of them to gift it and impress her.


Most of the girls like all these well known perfumes. They might not even know such a perfume exists but if you think that she will like it and if you think it will suite her taste you can go ahead and buy those perfumes.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most famous brands around the world. They introduced a perfume named ‘’ The Girl ‘’. They used the most famous modler Gigi Hadid to advertise this.

Everybody likes Gigi Hadid and mostly the teenage girls.

Your loved one might not even know that there is a perfume introduced by Tommy Hilfiger but if you gift it to her she might eventually fall in love with it, because of the brand or because of the famous modler Gigi Hadid.


You really don’t have to know so much about your loved one to pick the perfume she likes.

If you know a bit about her likes and dislikes will help you to pick the perfume which suites her taste and a perfume which she would like.


Some girls may like perfumes for the way the bottle is designed. Girls like them don’t mind the brand ,they are not so specific about the smell either.

They will like your gift if the perfume bottle is designed in a really attractive way or if it’s eye catchy. Some may like the colour of the perfume as well.


There are some girls who love to collect perfumes, they may have a vast collection of perfumes. They can either be well known branded perfumes or just a normal perfume.

So if your girl is someone who collects well known branded ones you can go ahead and buy a good perfume such as Gucci, Cool Water, Victoria’s secret and etc so that she can add it on to her collection.

If she’s a girl who collects all kinds of perfumes you can confidently buy her any perfume because she’ll obviously like it.


You may find it pretty hard to get your loved one a gift.

Purchasing a perfume is much more easy than purchasing anything else because if you want to gift her a dress or any kind of out fits you will have to know her size, the colour which will suite her and so on and if it doesn’t fit her at the end of the day both of you will be disappointed about the gift.


There’s less things to be considered when purchasing a perfume unlike other things. Even if you cannot find the perfume you want in stores you can easily get it online.


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