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The House of Armaf has been in the world of perfumery for years on end, and is now known for creating a massive collection of scents and matching gift sets that are abundant in variety and meet the industry’s standards of high quality and longevity- making sure that all products are up to par, and that there’s something for everyone.

Having built its foundation in the industry by manufacturing glass vessels for other high end perfumers, Armaf entered the world of perfume well before producing it, and soon learnt the ropes of the industry and began to create its own.

Armaf gradually began to grow and build an empire. Today, the house has become one of the world’s leading perfume companies catering to over 20 countries, and has gained a reputation for providing high quality perfumes at affordable prices- making sure their wearers smell elegant and confident all across the globe.

Having been in the world of perfume for years beforehand, the House of Armaf has matured into the experts they are today- creating a name renowned across the world for creating elegant scents at a modest cost.

The House of Armaf have distributed their products around the globe, with their reach stretching to North America, South America and Canada as well. Perfume N Colognes is one of the distributors of the products by the House of Armaf.

We are providing niche fragrances at best affordable prices. Armaf has a collection of more than 200 fragrances with variations in sizes and gift sets.

The ultimate goal of Armaf is to provide the highest quality, best smelling fragrances at the most attractive and affordable prices- all while creating a diverse range of perfumes, colognes and other products in accordance with the market and customer needs. Seeing that they have been able to accomplish all of these things within the time period in which they have entered the industry, it is safe to say that The House of Armaf has set the pace and standards for all of its competitors, and will continue to produce the scents that are adored by perfume lovers all around the world.

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Click below to see two of our most popular  from the collection;

Club De Nuit Intense By Armaf which smells similar to Creed Aventus

Club De Nuit Milestone By Armaf which smells similar to Creed Milesime Imperial